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The first Beijing jinhai lake super milk dad snow carnival held

Date: 2016-01-08

On January 2nd, jinhai lake in Beijing, the first super milk dad experience a variety of snow and ice on ice and snow carnival fun.
At the start of the New Year, the Beijing pinggu jinhai lake super milk dad hand in hand to build the first snow carnival, the carnival site covers an area of 10 square meters, as many as 20 snow and ice projects, including the balloon experience labyrinth, snowmobiling, carts, snow, snow leisurely wave ball, penguins and so on.
So far, the super dads snow carnival operating five sites, and will be held in Beijing and surrounding city different forms of ice and snow carnival.Over the next seven years, will also continue to popularize knowledge of the games, cultivate people's interest in the ice and snow sports.(source: China news photography: hai-xia ren)