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Lotus crane penghu-glance The city for the first time "meet"

Date: 2016-01-08

If you want to know the culture of the mysterious origin, New Year's day holiday can go to national museum to see "elephants in central plains, henan history culture exhibition".
Henan is cultural relics in China, referred to as "and, in the one of the most ancient belongs to kyushu state.Said wen jie zi "interpretation" and "as the head of the" like ".Many countries rich in henan cultural relics, but read the exhibition still, in recent years, most of the specification of an: 105 pieces (sets), 49 for level cultural relics, many star "national treasure";Henan museum "nine yuan treasure" have 5 pieces into Beijing, for its historical rare;In particular, lotus crane "chongqing distress" penghu-glance the end of 1949 back to 65 years, henan, will leave the "home" for the first time, it has to do with Du Ling square and other relics unearthed in pairs, this will also be in Beijing and "partner" together.
According to introducing, 105 pieces of cultural relics in accordance with the time axis, system, fully reflects the achievements of ancient civilization in henan, is a depth of the culture of central plains and display.Among them, henan museum "nine yuan treasure" lotus crane penghu-glance, Du Ling square, owl and fu hao, Jia Hu bone flute, jade iron jian handle these five pieces are all in Beijing, is the most worth looking forward to double lotus BingDi threesome lotus crane crane "visit" penghu-glance came to Beijing.It is understood that lotus crane penghu-glance unearthed in 1923, was unearthed "in pairs".After travelling, a hidden in henan museum, a hidden in the Palace Museum of bronze.This time, the exhibit to double pot will be looking at chang an avenue, is meeting for the first time in 65 years.
In addition, Du Ling square have two, were unearthed from the another hidden in the capital museum.Years later, they rarely have the opportunity to go to Beijing "visit".
It is understood that the exhibition today, until March 31.(source: the legal evening news reporter: Zhao Yingyan)