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2015 the last night in the ancestral temple in Beijing this year

Date: 2016-01-08

2016 Beijing New Year countdown activity will be held on December 31, late in the ancestral temple.As the Beijing tourism development committee sponsored brand activities, since 2011 has been four years in a row in the temple of heaven, the Summer Palace, badaling Great Wall and the Olympic park, attract the world focused on Beijing.
On the evening of December 31, 10, 2016 Beijing New Year countdown officially launched.The countdown activity, the field can be divided into three parts: part is located in the ancestral temple temple, part of the square in front of the temple, the other part is colored glass audience interaction zone on the northern side of the door.As the main body of the ancestral temple architecture, inside have to meet the arrival of the new one thousand collection and casting the and clock, guests will beat bells in the evening, praying for 2016.In addition to the bell link, inside will also put on Beijing flavour is dye-in-the-wood, colorful folk art exhibition.Gait lithe narrow pot of tea art performance and calligrapher splash-ink "f" word, master of folk art scene produced "f" word paper-cut and character "fu" jing "embroidery with also display the Chinese culture.
23, thriving in the "open the door to see Mr Knocked on the New Year.Raptured JiShan flower drum with phoenix orchestra, full of fashionable element will with steel drums against passion, bring people happiness and auspicious.Subsequent "light rhythm", the robot dancers move feeling, modern their gleaming in form and magnificent ancient ancestral temple hall complement each other, symbol of Beijing as the penetration of ancient and modern, inclusive, and all the feelings we sincerely invite friends from all over the world.In the show, I sing Beijing, from different countries on five continents, different color of skin of foreign singer, sing the popular Beijing song after another.More background in the big screen elegantly beautiful scenery, the pioneers of full-bodied amorous feelings of Beijing, Beijing presents to the world of Beijing's most high quality tourism resources, a passion for the invitation.
The final 1 minute before the arrival of 2016, five of the world tourism from five continents bring the special surprise, city federation of member representatives of Seoul, South Korea, Europe, Asia latvian Riga Ottawa, Canada, America, Oceania, Wellington, New Zealand and Africa in Cape Town, South Africa by the big screen as mayor of five cities from Beijing New Year blessings, it also indicates the five continents friends celebrate the New Year, meet 2016 good.At the same time, a symbol of the giant hourglass of time appear in the middle of the field, the golden sand flowing 2015 from 2016, guests and visitors from all walks of life and cheer together, will the atmosphere to a climax.With the cheers of the countdown, the 2016 New Year bell sounded in the night, the sacred ancestral temple was golden, countless "f" word around everyone.
Outside the temple area are ready to "countdown" people rich "New Year, xu wish" activity.Audience interaction zone, large version of state vows, ladies-in-waiting, bodyguard to dress up the cartoon image of calling came to the scene audience friend write down New Year wishes;Glittering and translucent get rid of crystal ball, has the mural backplane are photographed, visitors can enter the ball inside to record moments;Romance of wishing tree, under the dim light of night like bodhi, visitors can make a wish under the tree, and a symbol of auspicious "f" word pendant hanging in the trees, moving with the wind "f" word, the New Year wish will come true.
It is reported, "New Year countdown live events will give priority to with each unit organize the audiences, citizens can synchronization feel the atmosphere from the live on TV.In addition, in addition to the ancestral temple site activity, this year Beijing will no longer up partition county at the venue.
"Beijing New Year countdown activity, as Beijing LvYouWei in brand, since 2011 has been four years in a row in the temple of heaven, the Summer Palace, badaling Great Wall and the Olympic park."New Year countdown" has become a Beijing sent global influential "tourism culture card".(source: Beijing evening news reporter: Fu Yang)